We are interested in understanding cell signaling networks, how they become deregulated in cancer, and how they may be reprogrammed by therapeutic interventions.

Receptors in the cell membrane initiate cascades of reactions (pathways) that ultimately change the expression of genes. While cellular pathways are often thought of as independent and linear entities, the reality is that there is significant crosstalk among them. Indeed, the dense interconnections among signaling molecules exhibit a network structure.

The complexity of the cell signaling network provides it the capacity to produce organisms like ourselves (a good thing) as well as diseases that are difficult to manage (a bad thing). Therefore, our challenge is to explain how the network operates in normal circumstances, and how it is rewired in disease.

In our investigations, we use cell culture and animal models, and leverage a range of techniques including bioinformatics, molecular biology, and biochemistry.

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30 August 2012
Back (left to right): Jeff, Elvis, Shiyun, Mike, Ambreen
Front: Jessie, Weina, Xiaoling
Not Shown: Shu-Hong, Lin